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S2E6: The Road to Resilience | Building Strength in the Face of Adversity w/ Nannette Oatley Johnson

You may be wondering why, after a few episodes of firearms trainers and “gun guys,” am I interviewing a resiliency coach. It seems pretty obvious to me… we MUST learn to be resilient! As defenders of life, do we need resilience? Do we need strength to overcome adversity and challenges? Do we need faith? Absolutely!

Every part of my life needs faith, strength and resilience! And boy did I learn about that in this interview. Brace yourselves. This one goes deep, but it’s so rich with truth and inspiration.

In this powerful episode of Defenders LIVE, listeners will embark on an inspiring journey with Nannette Oatley Johnson, a true testament to resilience and faith. From her extraordinary recovery after a life-altering injury to becoming a US Open wheelchair tennis champion, Nannette shares profound insights on overcoming suffering, building inner strength, and the vital role of supportive relationships.

Her candid discussion about embracing both the highs and lows of life, the transformative power of gratitude, and the significance of living honestly will leave you motivated and equipped with practical strategies to turn setbacks into comebacks. Tune in for a heartfelt and enlightening conversation that underscores the beauty of resilience and the human spirit.

Key Takeaways

  • Transcending Suffering: Nannette discusses the transformative power of suffering and how it can lead to spiritual and personal growth.

  • Building Resilience: Practical steps on how to build resilience, including facing fears and finding strength in faith.

  • Support Systems: The importance of having a strong support system and distinguishing between "basement people" and "balcony people."

  • Living Honestly: The significance of living with a clear conscience and gratitude to maintain balance and joy in life.

  • WIGs (Wildly Improbable God-incidences): Nannette's personal story of how faith and seemingly improbable events led her to meet her husband, Lew.

Timestamped Highlights

  • 00:00 - 03:00: Introduction to the episode and Nannette's impressive background.

  • 03:01 - 07:00: Nannette recounts her injury and the initial phases of her resilience journey.

  • 07:01 - 14:00: The role of faith in overcoming immense suffering and the significance of prayer.

  • 14:01 - 18:00: Insights on the necessity of falling apart and rebuilding as a part of the resilience process.

  • 18:01 - 22:00: The impact of support systems and the distinction between basement people and balcony people.

  • 22:01 - 26:00: How living honestly and with gratitude can transform one's life.

  • 26:01 - 31:00: Nanette's story of meeting her husband through a series of God-incidences.

  • 31:01 - 36:00: Concluding thoughts and Nanette's advice for listeners on cultivating resilience.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Life is suffering. It is seasons, seasons that are great and seasons that are dark."

  • "We only need one person to believe in us to keep going."

  • "If you lived honestly, your life would heal itself."

  • "Gratitude has become another component of your resilience, regardless if it is formed in joy or in pain."

Resources and Links

  • Nannette Oatley Johnson's Website:

  • Nannette's Books:

    • Pain, Power, and Promise: 19 Ways to Turn Setbacks into Comebacks

    • Pain, Power, and Promise: 10 Answers to Suffering and the Supposed Goodness of God (upcoming)

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