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S2E5: Elevate Your Shooting Game | How Tim Herron Became a USPSA Grandmaster

In this episode, we dive deep into the inspiring journey of Tim Herron, a USPSA Grandmaster and Master Class IDPA shooter, who transitioned from a master technician at Honda to a top-tier firearms instructor. Tim shares his unique approach to purposeful practice, the importance of embracing stress and pressure, and the vital role of mentorship and peer support in achieving mastery. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a new shooter, Tim's insights and practical tips offer invaluable guidance to elevate your shooting skills. Don't miss this engaging conversation packed with actionable advice and inspiring stories that will motivate you to reach new heights in your shooting journey.

Notable Quotes

"I've always had a passion for teaching... I love helping others improve and see their light bulb moments."

"Plateaus aren't necessarily bad; they're an opportunity to reassess and figure out where you want to go next."

"You have to expose yourself to stress and pressure in practice to be prepared for it in real situations.”

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  • [01:27] - Introduction and Credentials of Tim Herron

  • [02:00] - Journey from Technician to Firearms Instructor

  • [03:05] - Teaching and Mentorship

  • [04:24] - Transition to Competitive Shooting

  • [17:00] - Value of Formal Training and Purposeful Practice

  • [15:00] - Handling Plateaus and Burnout

  • [19:00] - Importance of Goal Setting and Mental Focus

  • [24:08] - Value of Peer Support and Accountability

  • [28:00] - Learning from Mistakes and Continual Improvement

  • [46:23] - Promotion of Tim Herron's Classes and Insights

Additional Resources

Tim Herron Shooting Website:

Books Mentioned:

"The Inner Game of Tennis" by W. Timothy Gallwey

"With Winning in Mind" by Lanny Bassham

Connect with Tim


Instagram: @timherronshooting

Facebook: Tim Herron Shooting

Join us for this insightful conversation with Tim Herron as he shares his journey, his approach to practice, and valuable tips for shooters at all levels. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a new shooter, there's something for everyone in this episode. 🎯

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