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S2E4: Mindset of a Defender: Tim Reedy's Essential Training Tips

Competition, stress, & instructor tips that will help you on and off the range

In this episode of Defenders Live, host Lora Thorson interviews Tim Reedy, a seasoned firearms instructor from Texas. They delve into the critical aspects of firearms training, including the importance of foundational holster skills, the benefits of competition shooting for defensive training, and the psychological and mental management required for self-defense. Tim shares personal anecdotes that shaped his career, insights from his extensive experience, and the transformative lessons he learned from Toastmasters. The discussion also highlights the significance of carrying OC spray as part of one's everyday carry (EDC) and how to effectively manage stress and ego in high-pressure situations.

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Notable Quotes:

"I teach out of passion. I really love to introduce new folks to guns, safety, accuracy, and eventually speed."

"A gunfight is not a competition, but a competition is a gunfight."

"Learning should be fun. Having that little bit of uncomfortable stress with fun cements the learning process."

Key Topics Discussed:

Foundational Holster Skills:

  • Importance of early holster training for new students.

  • Safety protocols and techniques for handling firearms from a holster.

  • Tim’s class "Holster Success" which emphasizes building fundamental safety habits.

Competition Shooting:

  • Benefits of competition shooting in defensive training.

  • Discussion on how competition can help test gear and skills under stress.

  • Tim's class "Kilt in the Streets" that introduces defensive shooters to competition.

Mental and Psychological Aspects of Training:

  • The significance of mental management in defensive scenarios.

  • Learning from other people’s mistakes to improve one’s own skills.

  • Techniques to handle stress and improve public speaking from Toastmasters.

Pepper Spray and Other Defensive Tools:

  • The role of OC spray in self-defense and why it should be part of one's EDC.

  • Experiences teaching students how to handle various defensive scenarios.

Personal Stories and Experiences:

  • Tim shares a personal event from high school that spurred his interest in self-defense.

  • His journey from a 29-year career in IT at USAA to becoming a full-time firearms instructor.

  • How his training and skills in public speaking from Toastmasters have helped in teaching.


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